What is the keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase which is used for searching something on Google, YouTube, and another search engine. Keyword used to find out user’s desire content and keyword itself also work for linking content to search engine. In SEO industry keyword has a significant effect and influential role.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a procedure to find out the exact keyword basis on what people search for. When someone publishes content, it should have to be a name. And with that name, people will find out that content. But the thing is that what content writer used for the title might not be searched by the user because of complexity. The consequence is that, though they have great content on the website, people will not find out the exact content just because of the keyword.

So, keyword research should have to be according to the user/audience perspective to ease their query. In the viewpoint of SEO, keyword research has a very substantial role in linking up through content to content searcher.

If someone wrote down a very resourceful content with lots of data and hundreds of research without picking up the exact keyword, as a perspective of user/ audience query basis, it might be in vain because of no one about to find out that same content just because of choosing a wrong keyword.

  Why is keyword research so noteworthy in an SEO viewpoint?

The initial step of SEO is Keyword research. Everything is dependent on the keyword. What people search on a search engine is called a keyword. To find out the best keyword for content is the only way to get higher traffic rather than everything will go in vain, though the content is resourceful.

keyword research

Imagine someone wrote something about “HOW SEO WORKS,” and the content title is “WHAT IS SEO.” Think about it, would this content find out exact potential audience? The answer is obviously “no.” because the content title and what content contain are not the same things. The result is, the website will lose potential traffic, and the bounce rate will go high.

The only way to get rid of it is by choosing the exact keyword and put it down on your content to get the possible result for your website. By research, you will find out the best solution and make your content SEO friendly. The most important things are that when the bounce rate will high to your website, the search engine will give you a negative impact, and that is too harmful in the perspective of Search Engine Optimization. The good news is that our team, innovate DIGITAL, will help you to find out the best keyword according to your content relevancy. You can check out our package in this regard.

How keyword research helped my site’s traffic?

The keyword is the only way to lead traffic in your website. For example, you might be needing a digital marketing agency for your website to grow your business. Firstly, you search for ‘DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY’ to reach out to your website marketer. Secondly, you got lots of results on Google. On the first page, you will get ten search results. And then you see that iNOVATE DIGITAL is the first result you have got. Then you will order them to make your website great and make SEO friendly. For any reason, you can call them according to your need. In that way, the exact keyword helps you to find out your desire article and require content that you need.

By getting the first result to your website on google, you will get a potential audience to your website. By this way, Google will consider you positively and rank on top. That is the power of choosing the right keyword.

The exact keyword will find out the precise audience to your website. That is why keyword research is so important. The outcome of keyword research is too high. It will increase your website traffic, make it preferable to search engines.