In this content we’ll cover the most favourite tools of the SEO industry, one is totally premium, and the other is literary free, what the main difference in there, and Is their data match to each other or not. At the end of this content, we also include what’s the reason for having different and how’s tool is super powerful.

What is MOZ?

MOZ is basically SEO tools which provide you with all of the information about your site, like keyword overview, site overview link research, On-page Grader and they also allow running a campaign for your specific website. In overall view is that they are a fully compact package of SEO analysis of the website.

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is also an SEO tool, but the primary speciality of this tool is that they give you ten free results per day, which is literary rare in this industry. So, in this comparison, we consider this tool as a free tool, but there is not true because they also have a premium package. Do you maybe wonder why we take these tools as free tools those they have the premium package? Yes, thanks for your query. The answer is so apparent because most of the people use ubersuggest as a free seo tool for that reason they provide you daily ten free search result, which is none of the seo tools offers you.

Why do we compare with ubersuggest?

We intend to help people who are wanted to know the actual result of what’s going on your website. Most of the people are using ubersuggest as a constant variable just because they provide you with lots of data. But the question is that, Is these data are real? This is a million-dollar question. Most of the freelancer doesn’t care about data what provide from free tools. But things need to know that most of the free tools data are not correct, which may lead through another path of seo journey. So we are ready to head to head comparison with these tools for the same keyword or same link.

Let’s dive into the comparison. Here, we will talk about, same keyword and links for each individual tool, and we want to see which tools say what.

Keyword overview

Here we select ‘voice search’ as the main keyword. We search these keywords at the same time, the exact location because time and place are also factors of seo. So, we maintain these rules. These two pictures give a glimpse of the keyword overview of our targeted keyword. Look that carefully-

So, slightly different right? That should not be supposed to be? I take the answer to ‘yes’ because the price is the main reason.

First of all, we can compare with that for Search volume. MOZ says that monthly search volume is nearly 851-1.7k and Ubersuggest says that monthly search volume 8100 for the same location.

Kind of weird, right?

Okay, next we look for seo difficulty where MOZ says that this keyword difficulty is 55 and Ubersuggest says that 22. Super contrastable. In other words, we can say that mind-blowing.  How about that?

At the end of these content, we will talk about why these happen and which result should we need to count? Keep patience, and soon we will be there.

Keyword suggestion

Now, we will show you what sort of keyword they suggest to you. Reminder, one is entirely free tools, and another is totally paid. Here we give you information about that as the same keyword ‘voice search’ to look for any keyword idea’s. there we go-

This is very tough to compare these two seo tools at the same time. Because they all have distinct characteristics that don’t look similar to others. But we are trying to equalize them as much as possible.

So, if we look carefully these two screenshots about keyword suggestion of ‘voice search’, we will figure out that the quantity of keyword suggestion of these two seo tools.  MOZ gives us almost 1k data about ‘voice search’ where ubersuggest give us only 387 keywords.

Be cautious, and we do not give you the ultimate result about these two seo tools they all have some restriction and individualism. So, we are cover that, we are not judging them.

Where were we, keyword quantity is not the suitable matrices that we also understand. What factor is that keyword value is the most severe part of these sections? With that consideration, MOZ will definitely go ahead, because they provide you with the most customizable tool according to your query, like these bullet points indicate that what MOZ provide to you-

  • only include keywords with all of the query terms
  • exclude your query terms to get broader ideas
  • based on closely related topics
  • based on broadly related topics and synonyms
  • related to keywords with similar results pages
  • are questions

So, MOZ is more customizable just because of they are paid tools. Maybe that’s the reason. But there are lots of different exist there. If we consider one more keyword from a screenshot like ‘voice search google’  we are able to see the main difference. MOZ shows us 358 monthly volume for the same page where ubersuggest says that monthly search volume is almost 3600. How funny!

For all that reason, we are waiting for answering a question, whom should we can trust?

SEO audit

Last but not least, we talk about the SEO audit. Comparison is too severe. But we are here to help you to get understand about these two tools identical issue. Right now we are about to check link ‘’ where we check for this specific link, and we are waiting to see the consequence of that. Let’s go to check out these two images from ubersuggest. Then that might be easy for you to understand, What I’m saying-

Here we see that, lots of data given by Ubersuggest. Our focus point is that how many critical issues got catch by free tools. We got to see that ubersuggest provide that five issues found. That’s sound good. But on the other hand, MOZ finds out 17 critical points. Lot’s of different, right? But the most important thing is that ubersuggest give the result of page speed which MOZ doesn’t provide to you.

Here we see MOZ data for iNOVATE digital, which is more convenient than ubersuggest and MOZ able to find out the most important critical issue.