Search Engine Optimization

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization, which is basically work for optimizing website and its content, in that way where search engine and human both prefer to.

Imagine there was no search engine, like google, available. How could you find out your necessary stuff? Remembering lots of website and bookmarking them and one by one search for it. Just reimagine how difficult it would be. But search engine makes this stuff too easy to all to enroll our website by default. When there has a too little website, this task is not a matter of concern because search engine could easily manage it. But reimagine when there were millions of billions website exist, how could search engine manage it? It’s really difficult task.

The major problem comes from when lots of thousands of websites exist in server. Google can’t do seo by default. For this reason, google and other search engine trying to figure out what content have your website by there algorithm. More then 200 google ranking factors work for your website how your website builds in and what have in your website content. Does it relevant to what people search in search engine? Basis of this sort of query google consider your content and website how relevant to.

Back to the topic, this is why search engine evolve. Thousands of websites have same content when people search something. Now, imagine you are a search engine, how could you manage which one is the best in these thousands content. Look, I know this is very difficult task. But at first you maybe prioritize what people are looking for something. And you might be picked up which is the best relevant to queries. As a human what you consider first? Content, the art of writing, how informative, assorting, decent look, how many informative metrics  include in your content. May there are lots of matric you use to find out the best relevant content. But when you have a millions of content at same topic what you will do. Tough task I swear.

The name of Search engine

    Generally, google is considered as the one and only search engine available people think about it. But there are more similar option are have to alternative to google. For instance, Google, Bing, CC Search, Swisscows, DuckDuckGO, StartPage, Search encrypt, Baidu, Yandex and Gibiru. These are the most popular search engine. But google get most of the traffic in this sector.

If look back to that why search engine optimization evolves, we will get the idea of how and why search engine.

How search engine evolves?

To ease our search, is main reason for evolving search engine. When someone need some information, they search it on google or other search engine. They just help to remember site name for essential information. Google is the largest search engine where most of the search engine traffic the take. And millions of billions site included to their search crawler. That’s why any sort of query what we put down on google bar, inform us by their best result. The main reason of search engine is to help us to find out exact result what we have searched. In that reason search engine evolve. When millions of billions site included to google and rest of search engine, that was really difficult to maintain the best quality of search result. Every single search engine has their own crawler, by that they find out best result for seeker. Now, that is obvious to us that why need SEO, if I again repeat, SEO for make your site to ease, neat and clean, comprehensible to search crawler to better understand what have in your content.

Organic Result vs Paid Result
organic result vs paid result

Here we can see two types of search result of same query. One is paid and other is organic search result.

What is paid result?

When you are paying money to google to campaign your ad then it’s belonged to paid result Like the image. Same query you’ve got two different result. First one is called paid result. If you click on that ads(link) google will charge money from this ad maker. They set a metrics to measure that called CPC. Means that cost per click. CPC is most important element in seo industry. We also cover up this in another post what implies CPC.

What is organic result?

Google list our site by optimizing content and send free traffic to our site by when someone search that exact keyword. In that way, we get free traffic without any paid method. That is called organic result and organic traffic. Google and other search engine give us a huge chance to get free traffic for just to optimize our content.

What is on-page seo?

On-page seo works with interior customization where include title, meta description, image optimization, and H1,H2,H3 tags. Optimization of on-page seo is main reason to assort content data according to how google prefer to. With the high knowledge of on-page seo strategist make a biggest difference and have a great impact on site rankings. So on-page seo is one of the major element to having in a great impact on google and other search engine ranking.

What is off-page seo?

Off-page seo works with exterior customization like link building with another site. Every search engine get more prioritize to link building strategist. Most of the time they ranking site in the basis of link building measurement. Google and rest of the search engine prefer to get high Domain Authority(DA) to rank a site. Off-page seo works with link building procedure which is very important search engine factor to ranking a site.